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Thread: RP Is Back!

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    RP Is Back!

    The RolePlay is Open!

    Hello, everyone. Today we officially launch the re-re-opening of the Grand OnePieceBay RolePlay. We welcome you to go on over and check it out, make a character and start playing through your adventure today. With the new launch we have a few changes that we're sure you'll notice right away. The forum has been cleared! But don't worry too much, if anything you needed was in there that you would like to recover and use for your new character, it can be recovered just contact @Gee if need be. A few other things you might notice is there is a new discord channel exclusively for the RolePlay that can be found in the RP HQ section. This is just so we don't have to flood the OPB Hangout with RP related chat, and Gee can assign roles to the RP'ers there. There is a new event to kick off the RolePlay and get everyone a good and fun start. The RolePlay is a dynamic story developed by Gee that encourages the players to interact and make an impact on the story and make a name for themselves. More information will be released when the event is officially underway, though Applications have been opened. Here is a quick little guide through our RolePlay section to lern where all the information you need is. This section hosts the official newbie guide to the OPB RP and I highly encourage you to read through it.

    I hope you all have a good time here on our forum, and I hope to see you over in the RP as well.

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