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    Rak Wraithraiser


    "You pathetic turtles, all hiding your heads inside your shells because of fear. That's why you're nothing more than baby turtles. Ones who never freely put out their heads in fear of being eaten. You can all just keep hiding in your shells and live a long life."

    Basic Information

    Name: Rak Wraithraiser
    Alias: Rak
    Race: Mink
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 5 meters
    Weight: Unknown
    Rak is a very large alligator-like humanoid with grey skin. He has a head similar to that of an alligator, except for the spikes on the back. He is quite muscular and roughly 15 feet (5 meters) in height. He wears red robes/armor, a red cape (although he has been seen to change into a blue t-shirt) and carries a huge red spear.

    Background and Information

    Island/Village of Birth: Unknown
    Current Island: Gecko Island
    Sea of Birth: Unknown
    Seas traveled: East Blue


    Rak doesn't come off as particularly smart; he thinks he's superior to almost everyone else and so refers to other people as "turtles". He occasionally calls himself "Rakleader" when he is feeling particularly full of himself. He tries to make himself appear tough, although he's actually a bit of a baby sometimes and does have a little of a caring side in him. Sometimes he can be more perceptive than you'd expect by understanding the true feelings and intentions of others without the need for words or explanations. Rak also has a sense or feel for strong opponents or weapons.


    Rak doesn’t know his true origins. Since he was a baby, he was raised on Gecko Island by a warrior smith who passed down all his knowledge to him. After this fatherly-figure passed away due to old age, Rak decided to explore the world to seek “something that surpasses all others”. In doing so, he chose the pirate life in order to remain a free spirit.

    RolePlay Information

    Fighting Profession: Harubadoatsu | Polearm Arts (Martial Artist)

    Skill Profession: Smith | Level 1


    Base PHY:
    Total PHY: 20 (Wannabe Pirate) + 5 (Mink) + 3 STR (Smith)
    • STR: 4
    • STA: 4
    • SPD: 10
    • ACC: 10
    • WILL: 0

    Affiliation: Pirate

    • Title: Wannabe Pirate
    • Bounty: 1
    • Crew Affiliation: None
    • Crew Position: None

    Abilities Information:

    Devil Fruit: None
    Special Abilities: None
    Move Set: To be updated

    • Basic Spear
    • Basic Staff
    • Basic Daggers
    • Basic Handgun
    • Knife

    Accessories: Regular Ammo Pack
    Equipments: Basic Boat
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