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There is another thoery that Law may have changed his own personality with Hawkins.
If he changed his personality with Hawkins, it's weird how Hawkins, in Law's body, is looking so smug and unworried

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I think Zoro may be involved with what happens to Orochi but it won't be his main thing. His main fight will be with King and I HOPE as a teamup with Killer if I can dream. Maybe he'll get a rematch with Kyoshiro since I think more scuffles will happen than just the arc boss fights.

Also I guess I don't know if it will be the same for Sanji, but I think Shiliew will at least be able to avoid CoO to a degree. Because df's grow with the user's application, and at some point they basically become minor reality bending on whatever the user can fashion the fruit to do. Like how Doflamingo can somehow control minds by apparently just putting his strings into people's nervous systems. Anyway, that could also be an application of awakening. So invisibility would be useless otherwise. I hope Sanji's stealth can somehow also be that good. Maybe he can learn Pedro's technique of avoiding detection and add it to his own if he's really gonna be stealth.
Him defeating Kyoshiro and tag teaming King would be awesome, that's true.

Yes, as your post went on I recalled Pedro and other minks evading Luffy's Observation, or at least a part of it since he may not have been focused on finding nearby singles to mingleenemies