One Piece 951 Spoilers Thread

Please do not post any fake spoilers or post spoilers outside of this thread out of consideration for your fellow members. This post will be updated once the spoilers are released.

Status: The spoilers are out.

Flower capital: Conversation between shogun and furuko
and new ninjas soldier going on. They are sharing straw hats posters and law pirates.

-> Sanji and shinobu are seeing the events and free bebo and his crew

-> Flashback how hawkins caught law

-> Brook, robbin and ussop they did that smile from before

-> Big mom eating while kaido giving her food

-> Big mom remove the cuffs easily, then attacked with sword and the weather changed

-> King and queen terrified when they saw big mom

-> Haki effects appeared above onigashima island after big mom sword clashed with kaido's club

-> Queen did enel face while king the terrified just appeared with his eyes

-> After the clash between kaido and big mom the sky cracked.