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    When Will Wano Arc End? [Contest]

    Win Shichi's Beli!!
    So, here goes round 2 of the arc-length prediction contest. @Marshall D Babo and @Zangetsu won the last contest for the Whole Cake Island Arc. Now, we are beginning the contest for the Wano Arc.

    The game is simple. Mention me and tell me what chapter you think the Wano Arc will end. The official judgement will be made by the wiki. When the wiki says this arc is over, the winner will be declared and we can start another contest for the next arc.

    Sole Winner: 15,000 beli +
    Multiple Winners: 5,000 beli a piece + (The person who guesses the number first will win an extra 1,000 beli)

    Voting will be open for a minimum of 2 weeks. I will come up with a more firm deadline as we approach the end of this two week time period. So, a tentative date for the end of submissions is September, 16th

    Wano Arc will end at chapter ---
    Bets so far...

    1. @DeXtrous - 990
    2. @shri3kbat - 994
    3. @Derfel - 1001
    4. @Gir - 1005
    5. @Overhaul - 1010
    6. @Alibaba Saluja - 1011
    5. @Joseph Joestar - 1012
    6. @RoronoaXRobin - 1015
    7. @FireAngeL - 1020
    8. @DraconicDudac - 1033
    9. @SniperKing - 1050
    10. @AppleCider - 1051
    11. @Jam - 1075

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