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    How Will Wano Arc End? [Contest]

    Win Shichi's Beli!!
    Hello there bayers! Since we have the prediction contest of "When will Wano Arc end?", why not have a prediction of How? That's right!

    The arc is at a high point right now and there's many options in the horizon, but the end is nigh!
    Almost everything is set and just waiting to blow up! So how will it happen? That's up to you to predict!

    The contest is simple. PM me and tell me what will happen, how will it happen, the fights, the deaths, the turns and twists, the climax, anything your crazy mind is up to! The official judgment of the member (or members) with the most accurate prediction will be made by your lovely and awesome Mod Team.

    Sole Winner: 10,000 beli +
    Multiple Winners: 5,000 beli a piece +

    Submit an entry in the minimum interval of 2 week! After September 16th the Prizes may be out of your reach!

    Any questions about the contest can be asked in this thread, but there's not to be any discussion or prediction in here whatsoever. Anything of the sort will disqualify the user and he will have his post deleted. Further abuses will have a more serious punishment.
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