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    Wano Arc Matchups

    This arc is packed with strong guys! Since we already have a good number of enemies for our heroes, it comes the time when we start thinking about who's going to face who and how things will go down this arc. It may prove hard to accurately predict some matchups, but thats's where the fun lies

    I won't provide a list of "good guys, bad guys and wildcards" this time because they're just too many

    Anyway, here's wonderwall some of my predictions:

    - Kidd vs Apoo
    - Zoro vs Kyoshiro (again)
    - Komurasaki vs Orochi
    - Nine Scabards vs The Numbers
    - Sanji vs Snack
    - Zoro and Killer vs King
    - Sanji and Bepo vs Queen
    - Inuarashi vs Jack
    - Zoro vs Smoothie
    - Carrot vs Perospero
    - Kidd, Luffy, Law, X Drake and Hawkins vs Kaido and Big Mom
    - Nami vs Galette
    - Brook vs Raisin
    - Usopp vs Mont D'Or
    - Robin vs Compote
    - Chopper vs Quadruplets
    - Franky vs Daifuku

    Confirmed match ups

    Maybe at the end we will give an award for those who have made the biggest amount of correct predictions
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