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    Quote Originally Posted by Cockycent View Post
    Kouzaburou left way before Oden was killed. 50 years ago to be more precise. Dragon is 55. He was able to use Shimotsuki village for supplies. Sabo uses a similar technique to Ryuo. Hmmmmm
    Quote Originally Posted by BTR View Post
    I find it weird that Enma isn't a Supreme blade, it seems a heck of a lot more powerful than Shuusui. It's a good enough sword though, and a big powerboost for Zoro. His offensive power was never in doubt that, I have more questions about his stamina really.

    I kind of don't get the point of Law being the traitor, but Oda is making it seem that way. Misdirection maybe?
    Oda loves his red herrings. If it isn't Shinobu or Shutenmaru I'll be surprised.

    It's interesting that Enma works similar to G4. The use of both carelessly exhausts one haki and leaves the stamina depleted. I wonder if the Raid Suit works the same way? No hint was given about that, but since those two were powerups that were given, maybe there's a catch to the Raid Suit as well.

    Still don't like that they were given and not earned, but eh. They will train and master those gifts
    Quote Originally Posted by luffi View Post
    It be dope if zoro gets the other sword tooooo one that cuts heaven and one that cuts hell. Meaby in the end momo gives it to zoro as a thank you for taking care of kaido
    Yeah, it will most likely happen. Maybe Zoro breaks his other sword and has to replace it.
    Quote Originally Posted by DraconicDudac View Post
    Very nice pacing last two chapters, I guess i'm wrong with my prediction.
    Luffy & Zoro training hard, nice to see and we're getting closer to the end :/
    Should be pretty rough going 4k against 30k, I suppose Marco & co will join, but won't help much as BM isn't even considered part of that number.
    Who is the traitor since Zou and knew Hiyoris location, most of the bets are on Shinobu, but will see.
    As part 2 has ended, I suppose we might get a glimpse of events from Reverie or so. Considering last time after part 1 we got to see what BB was up to and Moria following.
    Don't forget that Luffy has Conquerors, and Kidd will most likely join as well and help them. He has Conquerors too. Maybe they can shorten those numbers by half, or even take 10k each.

    Plus, the alliance has a special weapon they may not be aware of yet. O-Tama's Kibi Dangos can be shot at the SMILES and Zoans and turn them against each other. If Usopp gets that idea, then it'll be an amazing twist.

    Not to mention Luffy's grand fleet as Basil mentioned, and there's a few other Supernovas that could show up cough cough Urouge and Bonney cough cough
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    Finally a chapter I can wholeheartedly endorse without putting a foot in my mouth! My mans Zoro finally getting the much needed screen time we all wanted.. Or rather, I wanted. A power up huh? Still takes some getting used to cursed swords with such abilities, like seriously did his arm really just get sucked? That's crazy but finally nice to see some information in regards to the weapons I suppose. Odd that such high tier blades aren't ranked amongst the more regarded weaponry which makes me ponder over just what the hell Mihawks sword can do and what it takes from him.. Is his hawk-eyes a byproduct of the blade? Damn that's crazy to think about the power-ups a sword can give!

    Oh yeah, Law's the traitor.. Or so Oda would have us think. Chances are he's doing a double betrayal moment where the SH's are made to believe he betrayed them ( Beside Luffy who is a solid judge of character and would never doubt him, WHICH Law knows considering he understands Luffy's personality now and banks on said fact. ) Just to betray Kaido..

    Also isn't this the first time Zoro/Sanji has met since Whole cake Island? WHAT THE HELL MAN , was that little interaction enough? Is it because their are bigger fish to fry that the two don't chat it up further? Seems abit foolish to just have them go on like nothing happened but oh well.. I guess.

    Also is it safe to say the SH grand fleet will be making an appearance? Cool! I don't suppose Oda would toss in even more supernova's but if so Urouge does have a bone to pick with the Big Mom pirates. I doubt Bonney could make it from the Reverie to here so fast so that about settles it for anymore SN's.
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