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    ✖ Information on Flute Mountain Isle

    Flute Mountain Isle A small island located in West Blue that is shaped like a long and narrow flute. Several lakes are found throughout the central area of the island and a smaller, uninhabited piece of land surrounds the island that is mainly made up of forests. Mount Flute, a large mountain, ranges from the northeastern side of the island. The mountains have a holey structure that when wind passes through them; they act like an instrument letting out different sounds that echo through the island and the nearby vicinity.

    History: Many years ago a large community of musicians and music enthusiasts got bored of living in a society where music wasn't appreciated, so they set off to build a new society of their own. After many years of fruitless searching, they received word of an island shaped like a flute. Enthused by the prospect, they quickly sailed to what is now known as Flue Mountain Isle and settled there, building several settlements in which they could freely express their love of music without being frowned upon. Words spread everywhere about the musical community of Flute Mountain Isle, and even more aspiring musicians traveled to its shores and set up permanent residence there. For the most part, the people here love music, musical culture, and musical festivities, and it has remained like this to the current day.

    LocationsTune Tune: The capital of Flute Mountain Isle, located in the middle of the island and is surrounded by lakes. This city is mostly famous for the concerts and music festivals that are held in it. The people here, like in other parts of the island, are huge music enthusiasts, and their passion is evident in these concerts, which are widely regarded as the biggest concerts on the island. People from the neighboring villages gather at Flute Flute on New Year’s Eve to celebrate, as there is a big musical parade held, with fireworks and stuntmen providing entertainment.

    Lyric Town: This town is famed for being the location in which the best songs are written. Inspiring musicians come to this village in an attempt to become to create songs for their fans to enjoy. Town is located on the northeastern part of the island and is surrounded by Mount Flute, where there songs often echo. This village also has the best rock climbers of the island.

    Chord: Chord Village is the place where locals will come to buy their musical instruments, as there is a shop which is thought to be blessed by the Musical God. Even though most of the villages have a shop, people insist on buying from the shop in Chord Village, despite its drastically more expensive prices.

    Note Village: Ironically, although this town is named Note Village on an island that is surrounded by music, it actually has nothing to do with music. The town got its name from an old mayor, who lived as a very kind and gentle man, until one day he went crazy and wrote countless notes about the end of the world, as well as several related prophecies. The mad mayor left these notes in one place, which formed a huge pile, which later led to the town called Note Village.
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