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    ✖ Information on Red Island

    Red Island Red Island is a generally grassy island of an unidentifiable shape. There are several forests located near the coast, as well as a few mountains dotting the landscape. The island's most recognizable feature is the massive Mount Redtop, which lies in its very center, and is covered with naturally blood red rock and dirt. Aside from the red on the mountain, the streets are crimson, the houses are scarlet, and the trees are ruby colored.

    History: Red Island proudly claims the title of the most dangerous island outside of the Grand Line. The island is a horrible place, which breeds and attracts the worst of the world's criminals. It is said that surviving a stay on the island is a feat deserving of praise, as doing so is a worthy test of any tough person’s guts and ferocity. Why is such an island capable of lasting? Mushroom Kingdom possessed enough strength to conquer the land generations ago, slowly altering and shaping the new generations to view the Kingdom as a vital asset for its survival. That, plus the fact that the Mario Royal Family has always been stationed there with 30% of the Toad Troop Army.

    There is a folklore about the name of the island. It goes like: Scholars and scientists once concluded that the name of the island originally stemmed from the naturally blood red rock and dirt found on the massive Mount Redtop and elsewhere on the island. The locals laughed at the theory and explained that the massive mountain, which can be seen from anywhere on Red Island, is red for the same reason that the streets are crimson, the houses are scarlet, and the trees are ruby. They have all been caked in the blood from countless murders and deaths. In addition, when the scholars said this was ridiculous and unlikely the locals showed them just how ridiculous a claim it really was. Ultimately, when it’s time for war and a need for warriors with no emotion? Its Red Island’s inhabitants that go to work.

    LocationBlood Bay: A town on the northwestern part of the island, Blood Bay is usually the first glimpse any visitor has of Red Island’s madness. When one docks at this coastal town, there is a feeling of evil, cruelty, and filth in the air. From the frighteningly colossal Mount Redtop in the distance, to the thick, red, bloodlike water that gives Blood Bay its name, there is no happiness seen. While harsh shouts and gunshots are usually heard from shore, a smell that can only be described as a sickly combination of gunpowder, seawater, decay, and blood, floods the nose and causes staggering in even the strongest of man. The docks themselves are filled with hard men and women who would sooner kill a person than give them the time of day. There is hardly a trustworthy soul in sight, and many an unguarded ship ends up being stolen and scraped for parts.

    Bournville: A city located towards on the southwestern part of Red Island, Bournville is known for two things; producing ruthless, efficient killers. Secret bounty hunter societies where men and women have trained their entire lives in order to become the best hunters possible are said to originate from this village. Specializing in stealth and assassination, the majority of targets never know what hit them (or in most cases, killed them). These dark hunters work in the shadowy parts of the government to bring down dangerous criminals throughout the world. The island can serve as a convenient testing ground for potential new recruits because anyone who can survive on it for years at a time is already something special. Just as hunters do not want to hunt their prey into extinction, the Bournville bounty hunter groups only take down a certain number of people on Red Island a year. However, much of this is just rumor and speculation, and has been for the last two decades, because anyone who looks into it too much is found dead in the streets shortly after, with the death always being attributed to a freak accident of some sort. Further supporting it to be speculation is the fact that Bournville is home to the second base of the Toad Troop, as well as Mario himself. As a result, the truth of whether the bounty hunter societies exist or not will probably always remain a secret. What is known is, this village serves as the training zones of Red Island’s troops.

    Rage Town: Located on the southernmost point of the island, Rage Town is known mainly for the horrible reputation of its inhabitants. Brawling and fighting is commonplace, and provides and everlasting source of noise which tourists find unbearable. Because of this noise, the townspeople are always angry, so much so that they have been forever associated with the sin of Wrath. The pubs and bars in the town are always willing to help patrons liquor up and ready for some ultra-violence, and any establishment that does not have at least a murder a night is believed to be doing something wrong.

    Beetroot Village: Located on the eastern part of the island, Beetroot Village is as dangerous a place as anywhere else on Red Island. In addition to that, the mugging, pickpocketing, and robbery rates of this village are many times that of the average on the rest of the island. Despite not having as many murders as the other cities on the island, the sheer rate at which robberies take place has resulted in even hard men from the other Red Island villages choosing to avoid ever setting foot in Beetroot Village. The thieves of this town, from toddlers to crippled old men, are considered among the best in the world. It is said that you can walk down the street with a weapon in one hand, your wallet in another, and no one around you in sight. Confident that you will not be robbed, but by the end of the walk, you will realize that your shirt is gone, you are bootless, and in one hand you are holding a stick, while in the other is a now empty wallet.
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