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    Questions & Suggestions Section Guideline

    Questions & Suggestions Section Guideline

    1. Read the description of this section before making a thread.

      • Quote:
        Forum: Questions and Suggestions
        Want to ask something about the site or got a suggestion for the website/ forum ? Post it here.

      • Ask questions about the SITE, not One Piece.

      • Suggest things for the SITE, not One Piece.

      • Do not ask things about One Piece here. There is a separate section for One Piece-related questions HERE.

      • Make sure your question hasn't already been answered in the "How to's" or "FAQs" sections.
    2. If you can't answer the person's question, don't bother posting.

      • Answer questions completely. If you have something to add that no one else has then that's ok.

      • Be positive/constructive/nice with your replies to suggestions.

      • Provide links to direct people to the complete source of the information requested.
    3. Follow the Global Rules with any posts in this section.

      • No one word replies.

      • Don't spam this section.
      • Trolling is not allowed.
    4. Make your thread title reflect the actual question/suggestion.

      • Use a key word or concept such as "emoticons, RP (Role-Playing), Avatar, Profile, Signature, Font," etc... so that similar threads show up in searches. Your question may already have been answered.

      • There's no need to write "HELP!, plz plz plz, Answer this question," etc... Your question WILL be answered eventually.
    5. Read the One Piece Bays "How to's" guide and "FAQs" before creating a thread.

      • Your question has probably been answered before.

      • There are many guides covering almost everything.
    6. Think about your question/suggestion before submitting your thread.

      • Write clearly so people can understand your question.
      • Don't make an incomplete suggestion. Make sure that your suggestion makes sense and it is a complete idea. example: Don't post a suggestion to add something to the site without a link to a code/script for it.
      • Use the best English you can and not text talk (plz, wut, n e body, etc...).
      • Simply think it through so people understand.
    7. This section is not a joke. Trolls and spammers are not welcome and will be reprimanded.

      • The Staff member assigned to this section like to keep it organized and clean.

      • Your mistakes will be pointed out as this is a serious section
    8. Be respectful, courteous, and thoughtful with your replies/answers.

      • Research the answer thoroughly.

      • Avoid posting if you only "think" you know the answer.

      • Don't just point out someone's mistakes; rather, show them how to do it right. Otherwise the problem doesn't get solved.
      • If you point out someones mistakes please be nice about it.
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    Credits go to Sveti/Taisaku on NB for this thread.

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