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    [Mafia Game] The Rules

    Mafia is a game played between two teams (Mafia and Town). When the game begins, the members who have signed up to take part will be PMed their roles by the Game Moderator, the host. Those that are part of the town are called "Townie". Townies win when all mafia members have been killed. A mafioso is told his role along with the names of his partners in crime. Mafia wins when every town member is dead.

    During Day Phase of the game, everyone who is taking part in the game discuss among themselves to logically decide and lynch the mafia scum who have blended in with the community. Each member can VOTE for the member who (s)he thinks is most suspicious. You are able to change your vote following the given template. The member with the most votes is lynched.

    When Night Phase arrives, you are FORBIDDEN to post in the game thread. The mafioso discuss among themselves and send in their actions to the game host. The townies with special roles are to do the same WITHOUT any discussions. You don't know who's who after all unlike the mafia members.

    As Night Phase ends, the Day Phase begins. The actions are then posted by the Game Mod and state what happened during Night Phase. Unless a member is killed, their names will not be revealed.

    Game Rules

    • You SHOULD NOT discuss the game anywhere outside the game thread.
    • When you are dead, please do NOT post in the game thread or reveal any information that you know regarding the game. YOU ARE DEAD!
    • Do NOT spam, flame, bash, or post anything that is against the global One Piece Bay rules.
    • Anyone is welcome to spectate but if you are not in the game participant list, please do NOT post.
    • Do NOT edit you post. Double post if you want to post something again. It isn't against the rules in this forum.
    • Do NOT take a screenshot, quote, copy/paste any of the PM sent to you with details about your role. Doing so well get you disqualified from the game and in some cases, unable to play a MG in a future time.
    • Do NOT post during Night Phase. Only Mafia members are allowed to discuss but they must do it through PM or any other method that does not reveal their identities to the others. Mafia members can only discuss it amongst themselves.
    • Please do NOT contact any game participant regarding a mafia game outside the game thread! (The only exception is mafia members during night phase)

    These rules will vary depending on the game host.
    • Role-revealing is NOT allowed! You are, however, allowed to hint your role without stating it.
    • Make sure you post at least thrice every day phase. Not doing so will get you MOD-KILLED.

    Lynch Template

    [vote=#EE8262]INSERT NAME HERE[/vote]
    Example; Vote Lynch: Dino

    To change your vote, please use the following template.

    [changevote=#EE8262]INSERT NAME HERE[/changevote]
    Example; Change Vote Lynch: Dino

    To abstain your vote, please use the following template.

    Example; Change Vote Lynch: Abstain
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