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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: I was just killed. Can I tell everyone what I know?
    Answer: No! Never reveal information after you are dead. Just watch the game and wait for it to end.

    Question: Can I post PMs from the Game Moderator to prove my innocence?
    Answer: No! Never quote PMs without the explicit permission from the Game Moderator.

    Question: Can I post information during the night?
    Answer: No! It is against the rules to post during night phase unless the Game Host permits it.

    Question: I feel that the Game Moderator was unfair in a decision. What should I do?
    Answer: Contact the Game Moderator either through VM or PM concerning the issue at hand.

    Question: I'm in the mafia but I don't like my family. Can I get them all lynched?
    Answer: The goal of the Mafia is to win. Getting your family lynched as a joke or because you don't like them is against the spirit of the game and the Mafia MEME.

    Question: Someone in my family voted for me. What should I do?
    Answer: One of the most common mafia strategies is to have some family members voting against each other so that if a member gets lynched, those who voted against them would look more innocent. This is a natural part of the game.

    Question: What does flavor mean?
    Answer: Flavor is the theme of a game. Ex. One Piece can be the flavor of a Mafia Game.

    Question: What is the difference between soft-hinting and hard-hinting?
    Answer: Soft-hinting is when you vaguely hint towards the nature of your role and/or character. The contents of your hint are sparse and difficult to to decipher. Hard-hinting is when your hint is more obvious and pronounced. Requiring less deduction from others to come to a conclusion.

    Question: Is hinting allowed?
    Answer: It varies from game to game. Read the rules and ask the Game Host before playing.

    Question: What are the hypes of hinting/claiming?
    Answer: Flavor, Alignment and Role. Flavor is when a player hints/claims at their character. Alignment is when a player hints/claims at their alignment (Town/Mafia/Serial/Indie). Role is when a player hints/claims at their abilities.

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