New Homepage!

Posted on: Wednesday, 02-Dec-2015 by Nexus 4 years, 11 months ago

The announced maintenance is finally completed! After taking longer than expected, my power going out, some tiny little things not wanting to cooperate, and losing a couple years of life on my end to stress, it can be called a success.

I very much hope you like the work our staff put into it, and yes, the forums are going to follow the same style. We are already working on the forum design, however it's going to take some time and we didn't want to deprive you of a delicious homepage any longer than needed.

If you find any issues on the homepage, please let me know through PMs, and likewise if you find issues with any page of the manga not loading or something similar, please use the Report Problem function right below the manga page.

On the topic of manga, we might be getting a brand new series we will be hosting! But more on that in a couple days.

OPB Forums Staff