A Pixelated Future

Posted on: Wednesday, 02-Dec-2015 by Nexus 4 years, 11 months ago
a pixelated future

Hi there.

Remember "subscription memberships"? They brought us through a lot of times, and without all of your contributions coming in the form of subscriptions, we would've hardly made it this far.

Now that we are here, and we know what an amazing, tight-knit community we are, let's get rid of the word subscription, or premium. We are all working towards the same goal: to make this place grow, become more popular and better, and to have fun.

Getting rid of subscription memberships came from the idea of crowd funding. OPB makes money to pay its bills... through the crowd. Through you. This makes each and every member special in more than one way, and it makes everyone equally important. Then why require this and this much money to be a Contributor? To be a bit more distinct and show that you've helped directly? Well, because there was no other choice. Until now!

Patreon is a website dedicated to supporting people who make amazing things happen. Like us. We make amazing things happen. Through our Patreon page you can pledge as little as $1 towards our common goal, and get something nice in return regardless of how much you are able to support us with! Speaking of goals: check out our page and see the milestone goals we have in mind. Quite a few cool things we can make happen, but only if we all work together towards it.

There's some text hiding in that jumble of pixels. No idea what it says. Pretty sure tho we're going to find out soon. I don't know how soon, but I can assure you you'll know when it happens. And you'll want to propose a toast.

Back to Patreon tho; Receiving even the smallest contribution from you will be god damn amazing. It doesn't matter what it is, how much it is, why you're doing it - you're helping OPB keep on going. That is what matters, and for that we love you. On a platonic level.

Thank you in advance for every chewing gum you chew less in a month,
OPB Forums.